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Lovejoy Creations Giveaway!

Giveaway done by: Elitemama There's something about items such as accessories, clothing, household items, and so on that seem special when they are handmade. It gives this sense of joy and appreciation because that person took their time to create something so special and unique. I do like items that can be purchased in the store, but when it comes to that one particular item that someone made and took their time on it becomes a sentimental item. I came across this company on ETSY that has amazing works of art.
Lovejoy Creations hand makes tons of items such as leather wallets, belts, purses, clutches, keepsakes, wedding albums, ect. All of their leather items are handmade, hand-tooled and/or pyrography engraved with wildlife, dogs, pets, horses, cattle and just about any creature they can think of. They also offer custom style designs as well. Here are some images of the Leaping Fox Pup leather purse clutch crossbody I received for review:

On the front of the purse/clutch is a lea…