Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cedar Point's Halloweekends Mom Blogger Event

Last Friday my family and I got to spend the day at Cedar Point for a Halloweekends Kick-off event for mom bloggers and we had a blast! I was so nervous about going since I haven't been on a roller coaster in over 5 years but my nerves settled fast. I had the opportunity to ride the Gatekeeper for the first time and experience Cedar Point's featured haunted house, Zombie High School. The Gatekeeper is now my favorite ride! Zombie High School scared the doody out of me but I'm a huge sissy when it comes to haunted houses. 
We spent most of our time at Planet Snoopy because my 2 1/2 year old daughter was having way too much fun on the rides. She's so fearless! The little booger kept begging to go on the coasters but obviously she's too little. I can't wait until she is big enough to ride them!
Halloweekends is the best time to experience Cedar Point. It's not super hot out, the lines aren't 2 hours long, the decorations are fabulous, the haunted houses are spooky, and the shows are spectacular! They even have a little fall play area called Howl-O-Palooza for the kiddos! 
Howl-O-Palooza has a a fun house called the Magical House on Boo Hill, a Peanuts Halloween show, kids' costume contest, hay bale maze, and special appearances by the Peanut Gallery, I mean characters. Halloweekends also has a Trick-or-Treat with the Dinosaurs trail with 50 life-sized animated dinosaurs and the Monster Midway Invasion celebration parade; perfect for the kids. 

Shows featured at Halloweekends include The Edge of Madness Infernal Nightmare at the Red Garter Saloon, the Skeleton Crew at Celebration Plaza by the Midway, Sideshow: A Carnival of Magic at the Jack Aldrich Theatre, Gypsy Fortune Tellers by the Frontier trail, Friendly Monsters at Howl-O-Palooza, Halloween Hullabaloo at the Goul Time Theatre, Monster Under My Bed at the Planet Snoopy Stage, and Funtime Frolics at the Camp Spooky Theatre. We had a chance to check out the Skeleton Crew and were completely blown away by their performance. What a spectacle and a must see!
Cedar Point has 10 spooky haunted houses set up for Halloweekends this year with the feature being Zombie High School which I mentioned previously. Blood on the Bayou, CarnEvil, Cut Throat Cove, Corn Stalkers, Erie Estate, Eternity Infirmary, Fear Faire, Screamworks, and the Chamber of Horrors are also available for extra screams. We didn't get a chance to check these out because we're all a bunch of babies and I wasn't going by myself. No way! I've been through some of Cedar Point's haunted houses before and I will never venture in alone!
Cedar Point's Halloweekends has 10 walk through attractions, six live shows, 60 performers, 60 parade characters, 300 Screamsters, 20 make-up artists that trasform the Screamsters in under four hours, 450 prosthetics, 4,500 square feet of wax bodies in the Chamber of Horrors, 67,200 corn stalks, 800 pumpkins, 400 gourds, and 96 bushel baskets. Halloweekends take 4 weeks to build and a full year of brain storming and creating. Every year I think Cedar Point gets bigger and better. They're going to need more land soon! 

I wish we never had to leave. We only got to experience Friday evening because I had to work the next day (Booooooo) but I really hope to get back before they close for the winter. I'd love for my daughter to have the opportunity to see all of what Saturday has to offer at Halloweekends. If you haven't been to Cedar Point before, I'd highly recommend putting a trip there on your bucket list. Cedar Point is located in Sandusky Ohio on the beaches of Lake Erie. It is absolutely the best place to visit for family fun through spring, summer, and fall. 
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  1. How fun! Love all the pics, too. It sounds like that have tons of rides, and tons of fun activities and shows!

  2. Wow! I would love to go! Thanks for sharing!!!