Sunday, June 24, 2012

Product Review For Private Selection

Recently I got to try out a few things from the Fred Meyer Brand, Private Selection, through Bzzagent. Private Selection is an Exclusive brand made just for Fred Meyer stores. The brand is inspired by gourmet food and they offer many different options. For this campaign I was offered to try the Private Selection chips, ice cream, hamburger meat, and homemade pies.

When it came to the Private Selection chips I wasn't extremely excited. I must inform you though, that I am not by any means a huge chip fan, so my opinion on this may be different then yours. I also do not like a ton of salt on anything I eat and when I do use salt, it's usually kosher salt.The tortilla chips were smaller and a bit too salty for my taste buds. They honestly taste just like the big brand name tortilla chips and normally I'm not a connoisseur. The Private Selection Sea Salt and Black Pepper Kettle chips; however, were very tasty. They weren't too salty for me and they had really good flavor. They were greasy, but what kettle chips aren't? Same went for the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar. The salt wasn't overwhelming and neither was the balsamic vinegar. The flavor was just right for both flavors of the kettle chips.

On to my favorite part of this campaign in which I am very familiar; Private Selection Ice Cream, yummy! I absolutely love Private Selection Ice Cream and have since they came out with it. A half gallon of ice cream runs about $5 but it's well worth it in my opinion. They have the most unusual flavors of ice cream and sherbet. My ultimate favorite is the Extreme Maximum Moose Tracks Fudge. If you like chocolate and Moose Tracks Fudge, then this is definitely the ice cream flavor for you! My only hope is that one day they will come out with a vanilla ice cream with just Moose Tracks Fudge in it. During the campaign however, I did try some new flavors out. The first one I tried was the Private Selection Sweet Honey Baklava which is a honey flavored ice cream with pieces of baklava and a walnut honey sauce folded in. It tasted just like baklava and I really enjoyed the taste, I just wish it had more of the actual baklava pieces in it. Next I tried the Private Selection Raspberry Buttercream Cake ice cream which is buttercream frosting with white cake and raspberry sauce folded in. Once again, it had great flavor but just needs some more white cake pieces. Last I tried the Private Selection Blood Red Orange sherbet. It was pretty good but I still enjoy regular orange sherbet better. Either way, I would definitely recommend the Private Selection brand of ice cream if you're looking for different flavors and great taste.

The Private Selection 100% Angus Burger Meat was another part of this campaign. You can find this in the meat department by all the other ground hamburger meat. I never even realized that Private Selection had fresh ground beef in the meat department until a couple weeks ago. My fiance' and I bought two packages of it and just made regular old hamburger helper with one and grilled hamburgers with the other. It wasn't much different then other hamburger meat just a better quality I guess. We didn't find any gristle in it which is a wonderful thing and it wasn't super fatty.

The last part of the Private Selection campaign was the homemade six inch fruit pies. These are found in the bakery department if your store carries them. We usually shop at Kroger and we had to try 3 different stores to find these pies. I'm kind of bitter about this part because we wasted a ton of gas just to use a 20% off coupon. We ended up buying the only kind this store had which was the Private Selection Dutch Apple. We bought two and brought them home only to find that one was as hard as a rock. We ended up tasting the better of the two and it tasted just like an ordinary Dutch Apple Pie that you can buy at any bakery. I wasn't very impressed, especially since we had to drive about 30 miles out of the way. I will never drive that far for a Private Selection Pie again.

All in All, some of the products of the Private Selection brand aren't much different then big brand names but they do have good flavor. I will always recommend the ice cream; for the rest of my life! Mmmm... next time I hope we get to try the pizzas.

I recieved these products as part of a campaign for bzzagent. Best Blogger Tips
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