Friday, November 8, 2013

Free Blogger Opp With Paid Options

**Post The Image (will be emailed to participants November 30) For The Giveaway On Your Blog The Day Before The Giveaway Is Open, Promoting 2 Times A Week

** Please Have No Less Than 500 Facebook Followers/Fans

** Announce The Night Before It Begins With Event Image (Either on Twitter Or Facebook, Up To You)....($3 Fee If You Would Rather Not).

**Be A Co-Host For $10, Co Host Will Get Bakclink/Button On My Sidebar and 3 Free Links.

**All Participating Blogs Will Have The "Like ---- On Facebook" For An Entry Into Giveaway, $3 For Every Additional (Follow On Twitter, Follow On Google+, etc.)

**Limit Of 1 Blog Per Person For This Giveaway, $5 For Additional Blogs.


Giveaway is for anyone who wishes to enter. Rafflecopter will be sync'd through all blogs participating to reach out to the biggest possible amount of readers.

Giveaway is open from December 8-December 18, 2013.
Sign-up HERE

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  1. A new hand mixer is on my list.

  2. I want to get a g.c. for a massage! :) acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  3. I want a happy, healthy holiday season, could also use a new Ipad

  4. New running shoes are on my list this year

  5. I really would like a Kindle Paperwhite :)

  6. A cat tree for my cat and a blender for me

  7. I'd like an engagement ring.

  8. I want a Keurig!! :)

  9. I would definitely love a Vitamix!

  10. I love gift cards

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