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I See Me! Personalized Story Books

Give your child the gift of imagination this holiday season with I See Me!'s personalized story books. My Very Merry Christmas is a personalized board book (perfect for children aged from 0-6 years) that portrays forest animals coming together to put on a very merry Christmas for your special child. Some of the forest friends make sure to deliver a note to Santa to remind him that it's your child's Christmas while the others stay behind to trim your child's tree. "Goose added Xylah's star. Oh how did it shine! It sparkled on top of the great Christmas pine", is just one of the pages in this beautiful book. 
This made in the USA story book is written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Mati Rose McDonough. If this book is meant for a child's first Christmas, I See Me! will be sure to incorporate "first Chirstmas" throughout the book as well as changing the title to My Very Merry First Christmas. My Very Merry Christmas costs $29.95 but for a beautiful priceless keepsake, it's so worth it. 
For review purposes, I received the My Very Merry Christmas story book personalized for my little girl. I've seen personalized books before but never a gorgeous as this. I was completely smitten by this little 20 page, 6x6 hard covered book! On the cover of the book read Xylah's Very Merry Christmas in big bold letters and upon opening, I was even more surprised. The inside of the cover had a little gift tag that said "This book was especially written for Xylah" and the title page had her full name at the top with a dedication from her father and I at the bottom. The illustrations in this book are beautiful, the story is great, and my daughter's name was on almost every page. I'm absolutely in love with My Very Merry Christmas and I know my daughter will love it!
I See Me! has tons of other story books to choose from (including Hanukkah) along with personalized coloring books, placemats, and puzzles. All of their personalized products are sure to make your little one smile this holiday season. What child doesn't want to see their name plastered all over their things or have a story book portraying them as the main character? 

Connect with I See Me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up to date on current promotions, contests, and new product releases! Check out the contest they have running from now until November 2nd HERE.


  1. That is adorable!!! I will have to check them out!!

  2. My son loves books that have his name. We read them more than other books. I will check these out for Christmas, thank you.

  3. I got one of these for my niece's first Christmas! I am very impressed with the quality of the book and the wonderful customer service! A truly great gift idea! I love this book too! How cute and sweet!

  4. I really really really LOVE this idea! Now that my daughter is approaching 4, she goes crazy when I get her something personalized. It makes her feel so special when her name is printed on or inside something. I'm going to have to take a look at these before Christmas gets here!

  5. I love personalized books I think it really helps keep the children focused. That looks like a really nice book.

  6. Aww I love these books. This is a perfect gift for the holidays!

  7. What a great review! I love the I see me books. My grandson has one and he always keeps it beside his bed. I think he really likes seeing his name in it lol. I need to go see what all types of books they have. I'm through with Christmas but there are quite a few Birthdays coming up after the first of the year for little ones that would love to have one of these personalized books.

  8. When my kids were little their favorite books were ones that had their name in the story... they would smile soooo big when I read them !!!


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