Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trick or Treat With Mike and Ike's Mummy Mix!

Press Release of Mike and Ike's Split

Bethlehem, PA (October, 2012) –Just Born, Inc., makers of the MIKE AND IKE®, PEEPS®, HOT TAMALES® and GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® brand candies, confirmed that the legendary candy duo, Mike and Ike have parted ways. The pair cited irreconcilable creative differences, which has been confirmed, suggesting that Mike and Ike will stop collaborating on their famous fruit chewy candies.

MIKE AND IKE® candy, with varieties such as Original Fruits, Tropical Typhoon®, Berry Blast®, Red Rageous!™ and others, will continue to be offered at retailers this Halloween despite the split. Consumers will see no changes in flavors or distribution. These tasty treats are perfect for Halloween trick or treaters!  
Before Mike and Ike split, they developed a new product for Halloween 2012 called MIKE AND IKE® Mummy's Mix.  Ike created Halloween themed artwork complete with a scary mummy on the front of the box.  Mike picked the 5 most appropriate autumn colors from the vast fruit candy assortment:  yellow, orange, purple, green, and red.  It's a shame they split up before the new product launched for this Halloween season.  The New MIKE AND IKE® Mummy’s Mix is available in a 5 oz box which is perfect for Halloween parties as a gift or as a candy dish item.
MIKE AND IKE® candy is available in various pack sizes boxes from snack to take-home bags at prices ranging from 25-cents to a few dollars.  They can be found in supermarkets, mass market retailers and drug stores. 

The independent and talented duo has decided to follow their true passions. Mike is a musician at heart and produced a music video; Ike is an urban artist and a lover of art. Their split is not unlike that of other famous celebrity duos like Simon and Garfunkel or Lennon and McCartney.
“People of all ages love MIKE AND IKE® and we are reassuring fans and our retail partners that our famous fruit-chewy candies will continue to be produced and sold  this Halloween as we get this resolved,” says Caitlin O’Connor, Assistant Marketing Manager for Just Born.

Music and Art Videos

While news of the legendary candy duo split rocked the world, both Mike and Ike went off to pursue their dreams.  Mike, a musician, produced his first video “Strawberry or Die” featuring Blaze Kelly which can be seen below.


Ike is busy working on his art which has been seen in and around New York City – in larger than life size murals on buildings, in Times Square, and in subways.  You can also now see his art related video documentary, “Exit Through the Candy Shop”.

Network Cable Television, Radio, Outdoor and Online Advertising

Mike and Ike’s celebrity friends – including musician Greyson Chanceactress Eden Sher and the NBA’s Lamar Odom - have appeared in TV ads, blog posts and have tweeted to their followers as they work with Just Born to bring their pals back together. Radio ads included entertainment reports from roving reporter Angie Cruz. Outdoor advertising has further brought attention to these efforts. 

Packaging and Store Displays

Consumers will be surprised to see packaging with one of the names scratched out with a note on the back and directions to the brand’s Facebook page. Retailers will feature new MIKE AND IKE® displays.
End Press Release

Just Born Inc. was kind enough to send my family and I some samples of the new Mummy Mix by Mike and Ike and of course we love them. We have always loved Mike and Ike's here! The colors of the candies definitely match the Halloween Theme but it makes me sad that Mike and Ike are no longer a duo. What will become of them? 

For more information on the split and to follow Mike and Ike’s individual exploits, log onto Facebook, Twitter, and Mike and Ike's website.  

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  1. Cool on the halloween candy. Not cool if they are really splitting up! I like Mike and Ike!!

  2. Poor Mike! Poor Ike! they need to stay together!

  3. I think it is really sad they are splitting up. I do love the Halloween mix and the shirt is cool!

  4. Aw! Mike and Ike are a team!!! I do love the Halloween Theme though!