Monday, November 5, 2012

Skylander Giants: an Ultimate Blast!

I usually suck at video games but I think it's mostly because a lot of them can't hold my attention for long; Skylander's Giants was a totally different story. I recently had the opportunity to review Skylander's Giants through Best Buy and I literally had the time of my life. I could have honestly stayed all day at Best Buy playing this game but I had an impatient fiance' and sleeping baby in the car. Bummer!

When I first walked up to the game display, I was greeted by an employee who was just as interested in the game as I was. He told me that he has heard amazing things about Skylander's Giants and has seen tons of people having a blast while playing it. Just while standing there talking to the sales associate I noticed the fantastic graphics but I was also very curious about the little special edition action figures and portal of power that came with the game. At first, I thought the action figures were just little extra toys that came with the purchase (kind of like a bundle) but I soon found out that they actually had a special purpose. 

To play Skylander's Giants, you first have to choose your character and place his action figure on the Portal of Power to activate him (so freaking cool!). I chose the Skylander, Jet-Vac, to start out with and quickly killed him off (oops). Jet-Vac is a Sky Baron who sacrificed his wings to a young mother so she could fly her young children to safety. Later Jet-Vac's noble deed earned him some recognition from Master Eon who in return gave him the powerful gift of a vacuum device that allowed him to soar the skies again. Anyway, I killed Jet-Vac in a matter of minutes but one of the coolest things about this game is that I can quickly switch from one character to the next by removing Jet-Pac and placing someone else on the Portal of Power. 

The next character I used was a giant by the name of Tree Rex and he rocked! I breezed right through with this tough guy and kicked some major butt in the process! I love how strong Tree Rex was and how easy it was to crush all his enemies with just a quick swing of his ginormous arms. Tree Rex isn't very fast but he definitely makes up for it in strength and defense. Tree Rex used to be a beautiful majestic tree who lived peacefully in the ancient forests. The Arkeyans later built a factory nearby that manufactured war machines and after many years of Tree Rex's soil being poisoned, he turned into a powerful giant who crushed anything that threatened the natural order of things. 
Tree Rex
There are many other Skylanders and Giants to play with and I tried a couple of them out but Tree Rex was my ultimate favorite. I had a stinking blast playing Skylander's Giants and I know many children AND adults that would love to find this under their Christmas tree this year. Between the amazing graphics and the hilarious tall tales, you honestly can't go wrong with this one. I will be putting Skylander's Giants on my own Christmas list this year so I have something fun to do with all the nieces and nephews when they come to visit, plus it was just too much fun!

    To purchase Skylander's Giants, just visit You can purchase either the starter pack for $74.99 which comes with the game, Portal of Power, and three action figures or the Portal Owner's Pack for $59.99 which comes with the game and one action figure but also requires Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure to play. Skylander's Giants is available for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360, and Nintendo 3DS and is rated E for everyone aged 10 and up. 

**Squashie-Dipity has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free but the opinions are all my own.**

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  1. It looks like a really awesome game!

  2. This game looks like a lot of fun. I do love video games.

  3. I see that game at the store all the time but didn't know what it was. If it isn't a shooting game they usually don't make it to my house. My son and husband can play video games all day.

  4. Great Review, looks like an awesome game, and gift idea. thanks for sharing info!

  5. Oh this looks like so much fun!!! I bet I would love to play it!! Hadn't heard of it before this! Thanks!

  6. My kids love this game. We are getting new characters for Christmas this year.

  7. My son is a little young for this, but my nephews would love it! Very cool :)

  8. My son has been talking about this game nonstop. Looking like it's gonna be on his Christmas list as well. Thanks for a great post, now I know what he's talking about. lol

  9. I am usually not a fan of video games, except for some old school ones, but this one looks like a lot of fun! Great review!

  10. I am a HUGE fan of video games! This look neat!