Sunday, September 9, 2012

Artisan Marshmallows at 240 Sweet

I'm usually not a picky eater at all when it comes to sweets but two things I CAN NOT stand is marshmallows and caramel. YUCK! It's definitely not the flavor that bugs me; it's the texture that makes me want to gag. When I was offered up the chance to try 240 Sweet's Artisan Marshmallows I was extremely skeptical. It took me a couple days to muster up the guts to try out these gourmet marshmallows so when I finally did, I was kind of proud of myself. They weren't as weird (as far as the texture goes) as I thought they would be and I could actually eat them without gagging and heaving all over the place. In fact they were actually pretty good! 

The first 240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallow I tried was the Biscoff Crunch Marshmallow. The Biscoff Crunch Marshmallow is coated with biscoff cookies and has a swirl of biscoff spread in it. The flavor was awesome but the crunch made it even better. I shared this one with the kids that I babysit and I was actually quite surprised by the fact that they wanted more (kids are super picky eaters)! Hmmm... on to the next one I guess!

The Ghost Pepper S'more Marshmallow pretty much almost choked me to death even though I love spicy foods. I only took a small bite at first and within seconds my whole mouth and throat were on fire! I chugged some water (yeah, milk is better for that but not when you're lactose intolerant) and for some reason kept eating it. It honestly had great flavor and the fire just made it more fun to eat. When my fiance returned home from work I surprised him by shoving a tiny piece into his mouth which resulted in him spitting all over me and wiping his tongue off on my shirt (not sure what good that does). He is a HUGE sissy when it comes to spice AND flavor as he seems to enjoy very bland foods over anything. The Ghost Pepper S'more Marshmallow is obviously infused with ghost peppers and is topped with graham crackers and chocolate chips. 

The last 240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallow I tried was the Sweet Corm Marshmallow. This marshmallow is flavored with caramel and dusted with sweet corn. Sounds like something you would feed to a horse, huh? I thought so, too, but it actually was quite delicious. Maybe it reminds me of caramel popcorn? I'm not exactly sure but it was awesome! 

I must say, Chef Alexa Lemley is a freaking genius with these marshmallows! 240 Sweet has an outrageous menu of gourmet marshmallows sure to curb anyone's sweet tooth and all of their marshmallows are hand crafted in Columbus, Indiana from all natural and organic ingredients. Most of their ingredients are found locally from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio but the vanilla extract is made from organic Tahitian beans. 240 Sweet also uses minimal packaging so no extra resources are wasted and all of the marshmallows come in different sized packages to meet the needs of the consumer. 

Every month Chef Alexa Lemley from 240 Sweet creates a mystery flavor and also features a few new themed flavors for their Marshmallow of the Month Club. Most of the marshmallows featured are limited editions. For $25.00 a month you can enjoy three treat bags of each flavor and trust me, these marshmallows are worth every penny! This months flavors are Strawberry Hazelnut Swirl, Peppermint Lemonade Twist, and Blueberry with Goat's Milk Cajeta (Mexican Caramel). Sound intriguing? Check out 240 Sweet for yourself and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the coolest new flavors and promotions!

FYI, 240 Sweet also has an amazing variety of gifts to choose from like the "I Love Marshmallows" Tee, Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla, Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Sea Salt, Coffee Mugs, and Sample Packs. I am dying to sport one of their Tee's and try some of that Vanilla! 

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE marshmallows! These sound fantastic!

  2. I love marshmallows TOO! I want SOME!! LOL

  3. I love marshmallows and did not know about this company until I read your review! I need to visit them now and check em out!

  4. Although I'm not a huge fan of marshmallows, I'd try these! They actually sound good, except for the ghost pepper flavor! lol

  5. Oh yum! That Biscof Crunch sounds scrumptious! I must say I am not a huge fan of marshmallows either, but these...I might have to give them a try!

  6. I'm not a huge marshmallow fan, but these look delicious! I may have to change my mind about marshmallows because of this review :) Great job!

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