Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chobani Greek Yogurt Review

Hate is a very strong word but it's the ONLY word I can think of that emphasizes my dislike for Greek Yogurt. My daughter, however, loves it and the fact of the matter is, I love to feed it to her. I know that Greek Yogurt is healthier for her than regular old yogurt but another reason I feed it to her is because it's a lot less messy. I'm not exactly sure why I don't like Greek Yogurt; maybe it's the consistency or maybe it's because it tastes like sour cream to me, who knows but I always get crap for not liking it. I guess it really doesn't matter what I think of it since I've never heard of another person disliking it as much as I do. Either way, I figured I'd give Chobani Greek Yogurt a try.

Chobani sent my family and I a case of their Greek Yogurt with flavors like Raspberry, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange, Low-fat Strawberry Banana, Honey, Pineapple, Low-fat Pineapple, Low-fat Mango, Low-fat Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Blueberry, Lemon, Pomegranate, Low-fat Plain, and Non-fat Plain. They also have Chobani Champions which is Greek Yogurt made just for kids in flavors like Wild Berry, Honey-nana, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, and Orange Vanilla. Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt comes in a 3.5 ounce size and is packed with vital nutrients required for your child's growth and development. I personally can't say which was my favorite for obvious reasons (don't even tell me that I should have tried them because I did and my taste buds have not morphed since the last time I tried Greek Yogurt) but the boys I babysit and my daughter loved them. My daughter actually saw me open the box and instantly reached for a cup of Chobani (Greek Yogurt is one of her favorite things to eat).

Chobani strains their yogurt to remove excess liquid which results in a higher protein content and a thick and creamy Greek Yogurt. Thickeners, gelatin, or stabilizers are never used and only milk from cows not treated with rBST is. All of their Greek Yogurt is packed with only the highest quality fruits, tons of calcium, vitamin D, and five live and active cultures including three strains of probiotics.

One of the cool things about Chobani Greek Yogurt is that 10% of their profits are used to donate to a variety of causes by way of their Shepard's Gift Foundation. Chobani also has a huge collection of recipes for use of their Greek Yogurt other than the norm!

Would I recommend Chobani Greek Yogurt? Honestly, yes I would. Just because I'm not a fan (and I really wish I was because of the health benefits) doesn't mean you won't be either and the kids absolutely loved it. Hey, if the I can get the kids to eat something healthy, I'm all for it! You can connect with Chobani on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to ensure you don't miss any coupons or awesome recipes.

**I recieved this item for the purpose of a review. I was in no way compensated for my opinion as they are my own. Your opinion may vary from mine.**

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  1. Chobani was the first Greek Yogurt I had ever tried, and I was impressed with how good it was! Since then I have tried other brands, but I still like Chobani the best! Great review!

  2. I LOVE Chobani! We just ran out and my 2 year old daughter is constantly asking me for yogurt, I need to go buy some more!