Monday, September 17, 2012

Save Oliver James Giveaway!!!

Sweet N Sour Deals has put together a giveaway in honor of Oliver James, a rescued Golden Retreiver Puppy.
Oliver James was rescued before he was even born by Laura Kody.
At 8 weeks old Oliver suddenly lost his ability to walk, and Laura began taking him to vets to find a cure. They saw 9 vets and spent thousands of dollars on testing, but no one knew what his condition was or could give them much hope for his survival. Finally, They saw a specialist and he was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Osteo-dystrophy.
Over the past year she has tried every treatment available for him and watched him go through recurirng bouts of joint swelling, lameness, and pain so terrible that he couldnt bear to be touched.
A few months ago he started screaming when she touched his mouth, and at that time the vet diagnosed him with his second condition, Craniomandibular Osteopathy.
Over the next few weeks his jaw went through similar bouts of swelling, pain, infection, and calcification that his legs had felt before. Finally his jaw closed shut permanently. He has been unable to eat, drink, pant, chew, or even lick his lips ever since. Laura bottle feeds him 6-10 times a day to keep his weight up, but despite her many efforts he weighs only a very scary 15.4 pounds. To put that in perspective, his littermates all weigh around 60. His toenails have begun to fall out from malnourishment.
You can read Oliver's Full Story HERE
Laura also posts daily updates on the Help Save Oliver James Facebook page HERE
In honor of Oliver James, we have had some amazing blogs, including us, donate prizes to spread the word about Oliver James.
The prizes include...
Philips Satin Perfect Epilator $99.00 ARV

A Diamond Candle ARV $25.00
A Homemade Flower Wreath
And a set of 3 Rosaries!
(picture to come)
Enter in the Rafflecopter Below!
Thank You So Much For Helping Save Oliver James!
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  1. I hope he gets what he needs. It is heartbreaking.

  2. awh, poor baby. may things turn around for him.

  3. I hope he gets what he needs. This is so sad.

  4. This baby breaks my heart! I donated to hopefully help save him!

  5. We are pulling and praying for you Oliver to help you through such a horrific ordeal!!

  6. That poor dog! Heartbreaking!


  7. I hope he get what he needs i am praying for him.

  8. I just donated to another cause (a sweet 22 year old lady with stage 4 ovarian cancer) a while ago, otherwise, you would have gotten a donation! Praying for the little puppy, poor thing ! :( I am not a pet owner due to have kids with allergies but I still love pets ! I wish I could have them cause so many need homes and caring owners such as them!! Bless you!

  9. Oliver I know you can make it!Stand stong buddy

  10. Praying for Oliver! I hope he is pain free and running sound soon.

  11. Hope Oliver gets the surgery he needs to get better.

  12. Oliver reading this story is heartbreaking. Hope you get the surgery you need!! You can do this Oliver!!!

  13. Team Oliver!! Hope he gets better soon.

  14. sending love and prayers Oliver's way!

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